23 Ways

23 Ways Personal Development Icon23 Ways (23 Ways to Unlock Your Personal Power with articles and audio by Steve Pavlina)

Want to make money without a job? Curious about Lucid Dreaming? Want more confidence? Relationship questions? Just looking to be more productive? This self-help super app is jam-packed with 46 articles and 23 audio files organized and presented to help you realize a future that you control. Great for businesses and individuals to gain that edge.





23Ways Personal Development App for iPhone and iPad - Planet ScreenshotGet ready to go on a journey of self discovery…the following 23 topics are gateways for you to explore:

Intro to Personal Development
Truth and Awareness
Consulting Your Intuition
Using Patterns for Personal Development
How to Make Money Without a Job
Solving Frustrating Problems
Overcoming Fear
Kick-start Your Own Business
Lucid Dreaming
Raising Awareness Through Multiple Perspectives
Building Confidence
Beyond Religion
Embracing Your Passion
What Is Your Purpose?
The True Nature of Reality
Placing Your Order With the Universe
Faster Goal Achievement
Owning Your Dark Side
Creative Self-Expression
Being Psychic
Loving Relationships
Life, the Universe, and Everything

Feature23Ways iPhone and iPad Personal Development App with Articles from Steve Pavlina - Palm ScreenShots:
-46 Articles
-23 Audio Files
-Inspirational ImageS














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