MineSweep Jet Hero


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-The Ultimate Jet Arcade Game-

Aliens have invaded our world and strategically placed air mines to protect the mother ship from sky combat. Your challenge is to navigate sky mazes while shooting down air mines so your team can take down the mothership.


★★★★★ Be the hero. Accept the challenge and prove yourself.

★★★★★ Skill and bravery is rewarded…Move up in rank by unlocking new achievements

★★★★★ Pilot against stunning backdrops like Nevada’s Mojave Desert

★★★★★ Earn currency with each mission to acquire dangerous, powerful weapons

★★★★★ Challenge friends to beat your high scores with Game Center

The app can be downloaded for free here.

Youtube Demo Video:


MineSweep Jet Hero iPhone Flying Game Intro ScreenShot

MineSweep Jet Hero New Mexico Level ScreenShot

MineSweep Jet Hero Nevada Level ScreenShot

MineSweep Jet Hero Arizona Level ScreenShot