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11/02/15 – Animal Rampage is now available for Android devices! With new wild animals added including lion, buck, bear, rabbit, T Rex and gorilla, you can go even more nuts with your rampage in huge open 3D worlds. Download it by clicking here..

10/25/14 – Animal Rampage keeps climbing the charts! We have reached number 91 in the US iPad App store for Games/Simulation! We are working on version 1.0.2 now that will include a new level that we might call “Forest”. We will also be adding the “Serenity” and “Pyro”achievements. Below is a screenshot of the “Serenity” achievement:

Animal Rampage Serenity Achievement

Animal Rampage Serenity Achievement

10/19/14 – We are very proud to announce that Animal Rampage is now available on the iTunes store.  Download it here.

Lion tipped police car and set it on fire

Lion tipped police car and set it on fire




Lion Caught Girl

Lion caught girl and flips her into the air











Animal Rampage - Sniper

The sniper that chases the animals

Animal Rampage - Menu

Menu – Wolf, Lion, and Stag